2011 Marathon Series (Race Across America)

With summer right around the corner the Marathon and Race Circuits have kicked into full effect. All across America there are tons of Marathons, Half-Marathons and other race events you can participate in.  We decided to do something fun and pull together a listing of Marathon events spanning from Maine to California, Hawaii to Alaska and all the in betweens.  For the laughaul trucker driving from Maine to San Diego California it takes approximately 3,327 Miles.  We have pulled a combination of Marathons across the US that if you were to run all of them you could literally have run across the whole continuous United States.  Through the course of this Trek you would touch 22 states and it would take you 127 days if you were to run continuously 26.2 miles every day of the week.  Starting this weekend May 14th it would take you until Sept 17th to complete the 3,327 miles. In the Average Marathon there is an attendance of 35,000 participants and doing these 127 races that would equate to a total of 116.5 Million Miles run in these races during the course of the summer.  Adding all that up that is enough mileage to run around the Earth 4700 times.  For all of the runners out there image if you were to run a consistent relay race each person taking a 26.2 Mile leg of the race it would take 950 people to run their own Marathon to complete a full rotation around the Earth over the 2 1/2 years.   If the average Person was to run 3 Marathons a year it would take them 42 years to run across the United States. If you were to run 9.65 Miles each day over the course of 1 year you would successfully have run across the whole continuous US.  Sometimes it may be difficult to continuously motivate ourselves to get out there and run everyday but if you put your efforts in terms of running across America and plot your destinations each day it may make your running experience that much more enjoyable. There are a bunch of cool sites out there that can help you plot your journey as well as many people who have already completed this trek.   Run Across the US  
6/12/2011 Mama Rose’s Estes Park Marathon Estes Park, CO
6/12/2011 Lake Placid Marathon Lake Placid, NY
6/12/2011 St. Joe River Marathon St. Maries, ID
6/12/2011 Swan Lake Marathon Viborg, SD
6/18/2011 Grandma’s Marathon Duluth, MN
6/18/2011 ConocoPhillips Mayor’s Marathon Anchorage, AK
6/19/2011 Vancouver USA Marathon Vancouver, WA
6/25/2011 Keyes Peak Trail Marathon Florence, WI
6/25/2011 Pacific Crest Marathon Sunriver, OR
6/25/2011 Rock ‘n’ Roll Seattle Marathon Seattle, WA
6/25/2011 Run Charlevoix Marathon Charlevoix, MI
6/25/2011 Running With The Devil Marathon Boulder City, NV
6/26/2011 1/2 Sauer 1/2 Kraut Marathon Philadelphia, PA
6/26/2011 UCC Coffee Kona Marathon Kailua-Kona, HI
7/2/2011 Leadville Trail Marathon Leadville, CO
7/2/2011 Stars and Stripes Marathon Beaverton, OR
7/3/2011 Freedom Marathon Gresham, OR
7/4/2011 Foot Traffic Foot Traffic Flat Marathon Portland, OR
7/9/2011 Running Fit Dances With Dirt Devil’s Lake Baraboo, WI
7/9/2011 Grandfather Mountain Marathon Boone, NC
7/10/2011 Mad Marathon Waitsfield, VT
7/10/2011 Missoula Marathon Missoula, MT
7/16/2011 Make It By Midnight Marathon Macon, GA
7/16/2011 University of Okoboji Marathon Okoboji, IA
7/24/2011 Carrollton Education Foundation Carrollton Festival of Races Carrollton, MI
7/24/2011 Light at the End of the Tunnel Marathon North Bend, WA
7/24/2011 The Madison Marathon Ennis, MT
7/29/2011 Somerville Road Runners Around the Lake Marathon Wakefield, MA
7/30/2011 Southeast Road Runners Frank Maier Marathon Juneau, AK
7/30/2011 Grand Island Trail Marathon Munising, MI
7/30/2011 King Salmon Marathon Cordova, AK
7/31/2011 Bearfest Wrangell, AK
7/31/2011 The San Francisco Marathon San Francisco, CA
8/6/2011 Eagle Creek Trail Full/Half Marathon and 15K/5K Indianapolis, IN
8/6/2011 Grizzly Marathon Choteau, MT
8/7/2011 The Center Haulin’ Aspen Trail Marathon Bend, OR
8/13/2011 Crater Lake Marathon Klamath Falls, OR
8/13/2011 Extraterrestrial Full Moon Midnight Marathon Rachel, NV
8/13/2011 Paavo Nurmi Marathon (USA) Hurley, WI
8/20/2011 Fallsburg Marathon and Half Marathon Lowell, MI
8/20/2011 Newpark Town Center Resort Hotel Park City Marathon Park City, UT
8/20/2011 Green River Chamber of Commerce Run With the Horses Marathon Green River, WY
8/21/2011 Drake Well Marathon Titusville, PA
8/21/2011 Humpy’s Classic Marathon Anchorage, AK
8/21/2011 LEADING LADIES’ MARATHON Spearfish, SD
8/21/2011 Pikes Peak Marathon Manitou Springs, CO
8/25/2011 Self-Transcendence Marathon Nyack, NY
8/27/2011 Aspen Backcountry Marathon Aspen, CO
8/27/2011 Eisenbahn Marathon West Bend, WI
8/27/2011 Mesa Falls Marathon Ashton, ID
8/27/2011 North Country Trail Run Wellston, MI
8/28/2011 The Santa Rosa Marathon Santa Rosa, CA
8/28/2011 Timmy’s Challenge Marathon Cairo, WV

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