Rod Miller

Live Long And Perspire

Are you thinking about beginning a fitness training program, or do you occasionally train on your own? A personal trainer can help you get motivated. As your trainer I will work with you, one on one to guide you through the proper ways to train to maximize your results, and avoid injury. I will make sure that the time you spend training is goal specific for maximum return. Your training will be more enjoyable, which will keep you motivated to stay on track.

If you are already exercising, congratulations, you are part of the 20% of the population that exercises on a daily basis, but are you sure you are getting the maximum benefit from your effort? A small adjustment in the way you breathe, or your form, body alignment and other factors can make your training much more effective and reduce the chance of injury.

Not ready for the full on, one on one commitment? Try the OYOP (On Your Own Program). I design the program with your specifics in mind, you do the work On Your Own, we touch basses in 12 weeks to assess progress and reevaluate. 



TRAINING PHILOSOPHY: Train smart. A program designed to progress you through various dynamic phases of training for weight management, sports performance or general fitness.
Exercises will emphasize several key components for optimal results, including core and balance conditioning and functional awareness training.
Clients will be expected to perform cardiovascular, self-workouts, to promote independence, personal investment and accountability towards a successful personal training and independent home training program.

The ACSM, ACE and most major professional certification and disease prevention institutions advocate you remain active on most days of the week, this approach ensures you get the most out of your program.


Service areas include but not limited to, Arcadia CA, San Marino CA, Pasadena CA, Eagle Rock CA, Montrose CA, Glendale CA, Burbank CA.